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Habi Center for Environmental Rights

Habi Center for Environmental Rights was founded in July 2001. “Habi” is concerned with the environmental issues and how much the state and local legislations guarantee citizens’ right to access their environmental resources and their relevant information, in addition to right to participation in policies making and managing these environmental resources according to international human rights charters and conventions. Litigation mechanisms in general and strategic litigation mechanisms in particular are one of the most important means used by Habi in dealing with environmental violations committed against citizens.

Habi sheds light on corporate accountability (especially industrial and multinational ones)

Through this program, “Habi” is interested in holding multinational industrial companies accountable, monitoring the environmental violations against citizens and taking legal procedures and suing lawsuits against these companies to push them to follow law and apply transparency in their activities.

“Habi” works on citizens’ right to water (especially drinking water)

Habi center is interested in following up mechanisms of drinking water management in Egypt with focusing on the role played by the international institutions (World Bank, European Union, European Bank, American Aid…etc.) in determining water policies in Egypt, in addition to the institutions that provide loans regarding drinking water and sanitation. In this regard, “Habi” focusing on drinking water privatization together with highlighting its risks on citizens’ right to access drinking water and what is relevant regarding public private partnerships.

Moreover, Habi is concerned with management mechanisms of Nile River which is the most important source of life in Egypt in addition to monitoring operations that affect the river and its environmental status, especially industrial, domestic and agricultural drainages and asking for applying legislations that guarantee the protections of such source from violations caused by industrial companies, in addition to monitoring the disregarding of many state institutions responsible of managing Nile River and what Habi takes of legal procedures to face such violations.

Habi Center for Environmental Rights works on climate change especially as its catastrophic effects on earth in general and on Egypt in particular become un-doubtable reality. Egypt is one of the most five countries that affected by climate change all over the world, as most researches state the possibility of Delta sinking as one of the most lowest areas than sea level.

In this program, “Habi” works through raising awareness regarding climate changes and their risks on Egypt, issuing reports on local legislations and how much they include articles that state adaptation with climate changes impacts on Egypt and studying the quality of Egyptian legislations in facing large industrial companies that cause climate changes and how much these legislations guarantee suing lawsuits (compensations) against these companies.



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