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Second Statement on the Arab Abu Saa’id court case

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Second Statement on the Arab Abu Saa’id court case

In its meeting yesterday, the Misdemeanor Court of the Seef centre (part of Giza) issued a decision to postpone the session of misdemeanor number 704753 to 14 September 2013 as requested by the defendant in this civil lawsuit by the plaintiff, the Helwan Fertilizers Company, represented by the President of the Board of Directors, engineer Adel El Danaf, against Khaled Abu Saa’id and other people from Arab Abu Saa’id.

The abovementioned chairman of the Helwan Fertilizers Company accused the defendants of thuggery, as the people of Arab Abu Saa’id staged a protests against the pollution resulting from his company, the ammonia gas in particular, which causes a variety of diseases including bronchitis, tuberculosis, cardiac disease, chest disorders and respiratory tract infection.

It is worth mentioning that lawyers from the Center for Economic and Social Rights, the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights and the Egyptian Center for Housing Rights were attended the case in solidarity with the defendant from Arab Abu Saa’id , in addition to a lawyer from the Habi Center for Environmental Rights who submitted the applications to the arbitrator.

The Habi Center for Environmental Rights issued a statement about this misdemeanor on 15 July 2013, in which it demands the company to be held accountable by the EEAA, by carrying out an environmental review on its activities, forcing them to adjust the conditions they create, and in case of non-compliance, force the company to close in accordance with the law.

Habi Center for Environmental Rights, Cairo, 21 July




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