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Environmental rights and the Thuggery Law

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The Helwan Fertilizer Company has filed a direct misdemeanor, registered as misdemeanor number 704753/2013, against some people of Arab Abu Saa’id, part of Giza jurisdiction, as the people in this village staged a protest, submitted several complaints to the competent authorities and used banners to explain the problem. In doing so they were defending their environmental rights and were demanding to stop the pollution this company is causing, which violates their right to health, their right to life and their right to a healthy environment, as the ammonium gas this company uses causes severe health damage and leads to serious illnesses such as bronchitis, tuberculosis, cardiac disease, other chest disorders, respiratory tract infection, skin allergies and burning eyes.

Likewise, the people demand that the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) takes the necessary measures towards this company, makes their environmental conditions comply and stop the pollution that results from the factory. It is worth mentioning that the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency holds the records and registered the irregularities and misdemeanor caused by violations of the Environmental Law and the pollution it causes on the surrounding residential areas.

The company called for the application of the Thuggery Law, the articles 375 bis and 375 bis 1 of the Penal Code which were added by a military decree in 2011 (during the reign of the military council after the 2011 revolution). This law tightened penalties for terrorizing, intimidation and disturbing public order .

The company violates the citizen’s right to a healthy environment clean and violates their rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and association as stipulated in all human rights conventions instruments, as well as in Egypt’s different constitutions and which is compromised by the aforementioned Thuggery Law.

The Habi Center for Environmental Rights views the use of the Thuggery Law by polluting companies to terrorize citizens who are defending their environmental rights as an important and dangerous development. This shows the need to reconsider or withdraw the Thuggery Law because it represents a danger to the right of citizens to protest and their right to peaceful assembly. The Center calls upon the EEAA to hold this company accountable and carry out an environmental review on its activities, and to force them to adjust the conditions they are currently creating, and in case of non-compliance force them to close in accordance with the law.

Habi Center for Environmental Rights

July 15th 2013, Cairo,

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