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Habi’s Fourth Letter to Environmental Affairs Agency

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        مؤسسة حابـى للحقـوق البيئيـة


        المشهرة برقم 5301 القاهرة  

Habi Center for Environmental Rights

Sir, Eng. Ahmed Abo El Souod Ahmed

    Executive Chief of Environmental Affairs Agency


We have sent before a letter to the officials in the EAA responding your letter sent to us in 5th June 2016 in which stated the impossibility of publicizing the content of environmental impact assessment studies because these studies are private properties, and that the executive summary of these studies will be published through the internet in addition to the dates of holding consultation sessions. In our letter we highlighted the previous mentioned demands and here we re-demand them as following:

  • Publicizing the environmental impact assessment studies through the website of the State Ministry of Environmental Affairs regarding the amendments of kilns by cement companies to use coal or remnants as an alternative fuel of gas and publicizing public hearing sessions minutes (with citizens and concerned NGOs) related to the mentioned studies. It should include the cement companies that already have begun in using coal or remnants (especially Suez Group and Lafarge) and the current and future situations.
  • Regular uncovering in the website of State Ministry of Environmental Affairs of violations committed by cement companies and the violations reported against them to press on these companies and to involve NGOs in the process of obliging these companies to respect law and activate right to information as stated in constitution and international human rights charters.
  • The Environmental Affairs Agency obliges cement companies to regularly publicize, on its websites, environmental impact assessment studies regarding any amendments or new establishments by the company especially what is related to kilns to shift from gas to coal or remnants and to oblige them to publicize public hearing sessions related to environmental impact assessment studies.

Although it is now more than one month since we sent our letter, yet we have not received any response from you and as we are keen on continuing our cooperation, we hope that you respond our demands that protect citizens’ environmental rights. We hope you will respond soon to this message and to our previous demands.


Executive Manger

Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed Salem




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