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Habi Internships

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2015 & 2016 Internship Openings:
-Autumn 2015: 1 Opening
-Winter 2016: 1 Opening
-Spring 2016: 1 Opening
-Summer 2016: 1 Opening
Habi gives individuals the chance to gain practical experience by working with an environmental rights organisation. We will choose applicants who while benefit most as well as those who can contribute most to the issues and cases we work on. We mainly recruit interns to work in our Dangerous Industries and Right to Water Departments.
The internships are fulltime and run for a period of three months and they are unpaid. Interns thus must arrange their own funding for all costs associated with their internships.
The Interns’ tasks at Habi include researching court-cases we’re involved in, researching the companies we’re confronting, drafting reports and assisting in workshops with volunteer lawyers and communities. These tasks are a combination of challenging and routine tasks. Interns should have a good understanding of environmental rights issues.
The working language of Habi is Arabic, basic knowledge of Arabic is desirable. Computer literacy and familiarity with word processing programs is essential.
Applicants must submit a current CV and a cover letter to habi_center1@yahoo.com, which including the dates of your internship. We’ll try to inform candidates a month and a half before the internship starts.

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