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Court clears accusations of thuggery against residents of Arab Abu Saa’id

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Court clears the residents of Arab Abu Saa’id from their accusation of thuggery against the Helwan Fertilizer  Company

 On 11/29/2014, the misdemeanor ruled on a peaceful protest case the Helwan Fertilizer Company raised against a number of citizens from Arab Abu Saa’id. In this case, the company unjustly claimed that residents of Arab Abu Saa’id illegally prevented the factory’s output from leaving the company when they organised a sit-in to denounce the factory’s polution and the damage to citizen’s health.

The proceedings of the court note that the residents of Arab Abu Saa’id used their right to peacefully protest against the Helwan Fertilizer Company, which has caused pollution and damage since its presence in Arab Abu Saa’id’s surroundings. This has been proven through a number of irregularities and offences the Tibien municipality registered against this company.

Instead of remediating the environmental problems it causes, limiting the pollution and the ammonium emissions this factory releases and which causes severe damage to the residents. Instead, the company raised a misdemeanor case against the residents of Arab Abu Saa’id claiming that the citizens threaten the company and prevent its output from leaving and asked to imprison them based on the articles 375 and 375bis of the penal code, the articles that penalize thuggery. This claim aims to pressure the residents to stop their peaceful protests and to stop making environmental, health and hygienic demands.

The Habi Center for Environmental Rights worked in solidarity with the residents of Arab Abu Saa’id on this lawsuit from the first law session on the 16th of November 2013. During the following sessions the legal team submitted a number of environmental offences that were filed against the company and which proved the company’s pollution and the ensuring damage to the residents. The legal team did so in order to face the malicious accusations the companies uses against the residents, and which aim to prevent the community from peacefully protesting and expressing their rights to a clean environment.

In the abovementioned the court subsequently declared the residents of Arab Abu Saa’id innocent from the company’s accusations, and this precedent confirms the citizen’s right to peaceful protest against environmental violations.

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