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جواب رد جهاز شئون البيئة (2)

The Environmental Affairs Agency Reply to Habi’s Demands Against Cement Companies

·        EAA promises Habi to study the sent demands technically and legally. ·        Habi thanks EAA asking it to feed the center with specified date to respond. ـــــــــــــــــــــــ For attachments, please click ...
جواب رد جهاز شئون البيئة (2)

Copy of the sent letters between Habi and Environmental Affairs Agency regarding Habi’s demands against Cement Companies.

To read thanking letter sent by Habi to EAA click here.  The picture below is of the letter sent by EAA to Habi in 5th May 2016 responding Habi's demands ...

The Cabinet refused receiving Habi’s demands against Cement Companies

  Habi calls for publicizing environmental impact assessment studies and hearing sessions. The Ministry of Environment and the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency received Habi's demands against cement companies. The Cabinet refused receiving Habi ...

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