December 2014 Archive

The right to water in Egypt

Water is a severely limited resource in Egypt.  Most people in cities have access to water, though not on a regular basis (with cuts of a couple of hours a ...

Egypt: Forced to allow coal

In the last year, in Egypt the cement industry has orchestrated a very strong push to switch their factories from natural gas to coal. In February 2014 during a public lecture ...

Habi supports demand to enshrine human rights in 2015 climate agreement

The Habi Center for Environmental Rights supports the call on the ministers meeting in Lima to enshrine ‘human rights for all’ in the next year’s global climate agreement. In an open ...
Smoke flows from the Fertiberia factory in Huelva, southern Spain

Court clears accusations of thuggery against residents of Arab Abu Saa’id

Court clears the residents of Arab Abu Saa'id from their accusation of thuggery against the Helwan Fertilizer  Company  On 11/29/2014, the misdemeanor ruled on a peaceful protest case the Helwan Fertilizer ...

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